Beautiful Vertical Planters & Smart Gardens

Bring the beauty of nature into your space with our indoor living wall systems. Designed and fitted for you, they’re a unique way to add plants to your interior.

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Vertical Smart Gardens For The Workplace

Incorporating nature into the workplace environment offers creativity, productivity, and wellbeing benefits to the building users.

Living, Breathing Walls For Your Home

Enhance your relaxation experience at home, by creating a lush living wall oasis that promotes a sense of calm and serenity.

Plant Display Hire

Buying living plants isn’t always a practical option for a business. Our plant display hire provides you with everything you need to create a wow factor installation, with no hassle or disruption.

Customisable Plant Displays

Create a stunning plant display oasis with an array of beautiful fresh and artificial plants that offer many aesthetic and wellbeing benefits to your business space.

Our Indoor Living Walls

Our indoor living walls let you savour the Great Outdoors… in the comfort of the Great Indoors. They are designed for you, fitted by our experts, and fully customisable with lights, irrigation, and plant choices.


Our indoor vertical gardens are an affordable way to enjoy easy access to paradise.


Our bespoke living walls showcase your individuality, and plant and colour tastes.


Choose your favourite houseplants and create stunning, cascading floral displays.


Timed irrigation systems allow for easy watering, even when you’re away.


Customisable decorative lighting adds sparkle, atmosphere and captivating illumination.


We offer regular maintenance options for local customers.

Our Interior Green Wall Benefits

Growing Walls are no shrinking violets. All of our living walls showcase the beauty of nature at its very best. Our vertical gardens are designed to save space, while adding a ‘wow factor’ to your interior or exterior environment.

Whoever said you can’t have it all?

• Bring natural beauty into your home
• Transform unattractive walls with greenery
• Create show-stopping feature walls
• Showcase a space saving plant display
• Boost health and wellbeing with the power of plants
• Enjoy a unique way to include plants in interior décor

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For The Home

Work Environments

Improves Wellbeing

Fascinate Clientele With Living Signage

Impress and fascinate your clientele with statement Living Signs that highlight your brand, business or event.

Exuberant & Uplifting Roof Gardens

Upscale your plant scaping with a fabulous Roof Garden. A limited interior/exterior space doesn’t have to compromise your horticultural interests.

Additional Options

Growing Walls are fully customisable. You can match your favourite plant colours to your room’s decor, or create an extraordinary focal feature that’s a talking point. We’ll help you create your dream living wall, and we can also maintain it for you.

So that you never forget to water your plants again, Growing Walls feature automatic irrigation systems.

Modernise your space with a rich profusion of your favourite fresh or artificial plant displays.

Take your vertical garden to the next level, with decorative lighting that adds sparkle and ambience.

Check out our living wall maintenance option. It’s perfect for anyone with a busy life, or a forgetful memory.

General Questions

What are living walls?

Living walls are vertical plant support systems. They’re fixed to walls and planted up to give the impression of a wall of plants. They can be indoor, using houseplants, or outdoor, using garden plants. Some living walls come with built-in irrigation systems, decorative lighting and regular maintenance.

What are the benefits of living walls?

Living walls look beautiful, improve wellbeing and make intelligent use of space. They add plants without clutter and create artistic feature walls. Research suggests that indoor plants may lower blood pressure and heart rate and improve our healing ability.

Can living walls be fitted to any interior wall?

Your wall will need to be sturdy enough to carry the weight of the support structure, plant containers, plants and compost. If you’re unsure, we can easily check your wall and reinforce it if needed. Get in touch for more information. 

Why are Growing Walls’ living wall systems special?

Competing living wall systems are off-the-shelf DIY products. You build and plant them yourself in line with a standard design. Growing Walls are different. Your wall is designed just for you, to suit your unique style, then fitted in your home by our team of experts.

Are Growing Walls living wall systems sustainable?

We make every effort to ensure Growing Walls are as sustainable as possible. Our plant containers are 100% recycled plastic and our compost is 100% peat-free

Buying Questions

How much do interior living walls cost?

The price of your living wall depends on size, lighting and irrigation options. Our Growing Walls start from £2,500 with built-in lighting and irrigation.

How do you fit my interior living wall?

Growing Walls are built by our expert team inside your home. We build support structures onto your wall, fit irrigation piping, and arrange plants and lighting to create a stunning display. 

How do I order a Growing Wall?

That’s simple! Visit our online calculator to customise your wall, then check out. Once we’ve received your payment, we’ll be in touch to begin designing your Growing Wall.

Customisation Questions

Can I customise my interior living wall system?

Yes! Your interior living wall can be customised with automatic irrigation, ornamental lighting, regular maintenance and plant choices. You can also choose its size, frame colour and design style to suit your individual tastes. There’s virtually nothing you can’t customise, in fact!

Which plants can I choose for my indoor living wall?

Almost any houseplant! From monkey masks to moth orchids to prayer plants – check out our plant choice for inspiration. We’ll consider growing conditions during the design phase to ensure your plants will be happy in your chosen spot.

Can I have a living wall irrigation system installed?

Our irrigation systems are plumbed into your mains water supply. This means they need a nearby water pipe. If you’re unsure where your pipes are, we can investigate for you during the design phase.

Can I choose the style of my living wall?

Absolutely. Want a jungly look? We’ll use exotic plants and trailing vines. Want a refined look? We’ll choose prim foliage and compact flowers. Tell us your dream and we’ll create it for you.

What are the best plants for living walls?

The best plant choices for your living wall depend on (i) light, (ii) temperature, (iii) humidity, and (iv) your desired look. Orchids need bright indirect light and humidity, so would be great in a bright, steamy bathroom with frosted windows. But string of pearls plants need direct sun and dry air. So they’d be better in a sunny living room.

Plant texture, colour and size are also important. Trailing plants and spiky foliage create overflowing looks, while compact, neat plants are better for streamlined effects. Want to know which plants would work best in your Growing Wall? Get in touch today!

Maintenance Questions

Are living walls hard to maintain?

Living walls aren’t hard to maintain, but you’ll need to water, feed and prune plants to keep them at their best. So too, lighting and irrigation systems may need servicing from time to time. When we fit your Growing Wall, we’ll tell you how to care for it. Alternatively, if you’re in the East Sussex area, you can opt for our maintenance service and we’ll look after it for you!

When should I feed and water my plants?

It depends on your plants. Some like continually moist soil, others like to dry out. When we fit your wall, we’ll talk you through how to water your plants and check the moisture of your soil.

Plants will have enough food in the compost for the first 6-8 weeks. After this, top up with houseplant food, following the packaging instructions. For walls with built-in irrigation, you can add liquid plant food to water pipes for easy feeding.

Am I eligible for your living wall maintenance option?

If you live in Brighton and East Sussex, we can maintain your Growing Wall for you. We’re looking to roll this service out around the UK in future. Watch this space!