Bespoke Garden Design

The design team experts at Growing Walls can help you create a unique Bespoke Designs living wall for your interior or exterior space.

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Green Walls For Any Space

We’ll help you choose the perfect customised vertical planters, in the optimal size, that incorporates colour beautifully. We design innovative green wall solutions to suit your needs – for your home or workplace environment.

Green living walls help to maximise the functional efficiency of your interior space – whether that’s a home or workplace environment. Growing Walls offer state-of-the-art systems that create wonderful living walls that offer a multitude of wellbeing and environmental benefits.

Our high quality, low maintenance vertical gardens are available ready made and bespoke designed, to ensure the perfect fit for your unique space.

Our bespoke design vertical planters transform any wall into an architectural feature, while taking up a minimal area.

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Full Consultation

Our design experts will work with you to create a stunning green wall that delivers optimal visual impact, with added plant benefits.

On Site Visits

Growing Walls designers will analyse your building during a visit. This will help us to create you your perfect vertical garden.

Internal Or External

Our team will create a strategy that includes mechanical, electrical and plumbing installation, so that you can fully benefit from a living wall that is internal or external.

Optional Lighting

Accent lighting can transform a beautiful green wall into an enchanting vertical garden that takes your breath away.


Our vertical planters are designed to incorporate nature into buildings, and are constructed from 100% recycled plastic.

Installation Service

Our team is experienced in landscaping, irrigation, plumbing and general construction. The installation includes customised drawings and layout instructions.

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Plants With Personality

Designed For You

We offer different living wall systems to allow you to create a stunning and unique feature in your space. Although our vertical planters can be customised to a bespoke design, that showcases your favourite plants, there are a variety of plants that we recommend for display.

Built In Irrigation

Our built in irrigation simplifies the process of watering your vertical planters, wherever you choose to display them.

Modular Design

Our living wall systems are fully customisable, in both shape and size. The materials that we use are adaptable and modular, for the easy, no-mess transformation of your space.

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The Choice Is Yours

When you go bespoke, you have the option to choice every aspect of your vertical garden. You decide its shape and size, the plants that you want to feature, and how they are watered.

With automatic irrigation you instantly minimise the chances of forgetting to water your plants – even when you’re away from home.

Take your pick of the displays for your living wall. Choose your favourite flowering ferns and foliage, or create a one-of-a-kind display.

Adding decorative lighting in your chosen colour dramatically enhances the aesthetics of your living wall.

Our living wall maintenance option is the ultimate solution, if you’re too busy to look after your Bespoke Designs vertical planters.

Atmospheric Lighting