Ferns & Grasses

Moisture-loving ferns and grasses are the ideal plant partners for living walls in small, medium or large spaces

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Texture Rich Ferns & Ornamental Grasses

In workplace surroundings, lush texture rich ferns and ornamental grasses help to create a calm, serene and restorative ambience.

Stunning Floral Displays That Thrive At Work

Fabulous ferns are excellent at filling in the spaces of your home display living wall. Their unique texture amplifies the elements of nature, creating a stunning visual impact.

Delightful Flowering Cereals, Bamboo, Grasses & Ferns

Functional, versatile and decorative, ferns and grasses are a must-have addition to any sustainably green façade. The perennial natural grassland and cultivated species also includes cereals and bamboos.

Ferns and grasses transform an understated living wall into an exotic and ornamental feature. Their lush and intricate foliage creates an intriguing arrangement wherever it’s displayed. Plant a single specimen in your living wall, or group together with complementary species for colour and texture impact.

Be Inspired By These Vertical Gardens

Huge Choice Of Plants

Due to the exciting and vast array of ferns and grasses, you may need a little time to pick and choose your favourite plants.

Flowering Grasses

Flaunting low maintenance beauty, flowering grasses boast all year round appeal. They’re great for adding colour, shape, size, and a sense of calm to your space.

Perfect Eco-System

Ferns and grasses are far more than pretty plants for the garden. They provide microhabitats for wildlife.

Easy To Maintain

Perennial grassland species that extend well into autumn and winter are very easy to maintain.

Environmentally Friendly

For the benefit of the environment, Our Living Worlds plant containers and wall display units are constructed from 100% recycled plastic.

Mood Lighting Options

Alternating between bright and warm mood lighting options, during the day, helps to stimulate plant growth.

Peaceful & Atmospheric Ambient Lighting

Automatically changing the bright light of your living wall to warmer white, in the evening, emulates the setting sun and creates a relaxing environment.

Nutrients & Moisture Irrigation System

Our innovative irrigation systems provide automatic watering and feeding for fern and grass laden living walls, in home and workplace environments.

Ready Made Fern & Grass Gardens

If you’re new to vertical gardening, we can help you choose the perfect ready made living wall for your environment. Our selection of beautiful ferns and grasses will provide colour, detail, ornamental embellishment, and an element of surprise.

Choose your favourite exotic houseplants, and we’ll take care of everything else.

Getting Creative With Your Lush Fern & Grass Living Wall

Ferns and grasses are ideal for adding colour accents and texture interest. Use these amazing, versatile plants for a woodland inspired living wall, or as neutral backdrops to plants that are highly coloured.

Pick your favourite flowering ferns and ornamental grasses from a colourful collection.

Plant Choices

If you need some fresh ideas for fern and grass planting in your vertical garden, take a look at our inspiring Gallery.

Our Gallery

Ferns & Grasses

Customise Your Natural Indoor Habitat

All of the planters that Growing Walls makes are completely customisable to your individual needs. Big or small, bold or elegant, we can make you a vertical planter system that is perfect for you.

When exploring the many species of ferns and grasses available for living wall display, it’s important to remember that they are fast growers.

The lighting system that you choose for your living wall can stimulate plant growth or create a relaxing mood – or both.

All of our innovative irrigation systems feature automated timing, so that you can relax and enjoy the scenery, or totally forget about watering your plants when you’re on holiday.

Our Living World full maintenance service takes the pressure out of caring for plants, when you have a long to-do list and a busy schedule.