Amazing Vertical Gardens For The Home

In your home, a vertical garden can freshen up your décor and create a relaxing retreat atmosphere.

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Promoting Growth & Wellbeing At Home

Bring the outdoors, indoors and reconnect with nature with Growing Walls. Our space-saving and innovative green wall solutions promote growth and wellbeing at home.

Lush and low maintenance living walls showcase your favourite plants and bounce soundwaves around your surroundings, minimising interior and exterior noise.

Your personal oasis is a soothing and calming environment where you can relax and de-stress, and enjoy the many benefits of nature.

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Friendly Consultation

A friendly consultation allows you to share your living wall vision with our experienced Design team that will make it a reality.

On Site Visits

During an on site visit, we will assess your building and discuss the best way to utilise existing wall space.

Large Choice Of Plants

Create a beautiful burst of nature, with a natural living wall that proudly displays your favourite fresh plants.

A Variety Of Options

Explore a variety of options for design, planting, positioning, and the ongoing maintenance of your living wall.

Bespoke Design

Bespoke vertical gardens improve the aesthetics and acoustics of your living space to promote tranquility.

We Install For You

Our team of experts will install your lush and sustainable green façade without creating a mess in your home.

Friendly Service

Bespoke Design


Show Off Your Individuality

Bespoke Design

One-of-a-kind bespoke design allows you to create a wonderful and unique wall of nature in your home. We can help you assess a space, and to choose the best plants for your living wall. Customising your vertical garden with lighting and water systems will further enhance a plant display that shows off your individuality.


We offer design flexibility to meet your personal and environment needs. Our experts will work with you to create a stunning indoor vertical garden that delivers on ‘wow factor’ and wellbeing benefits.


Our experienced team will install your living wall, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of nature indoors.

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So Many Choices

Growing Walls are fully customisable, and perfect for creating an immersive space, or for opening up or dividing areas in your home. You can create a particular feel with your plant choices, or match the colours of nature to your room’s décor.

Automatic irrigation simplifies the essential watering and feeding process, so that you’ll never forget to water your plants again.

To bring your living wall dreams to life, pick your favourite plant displays from a huge variety of perennials, succulents, ferns, grasses and tropical plants.

Decorative lighting is beneficial in stimulating plant growth, and also in promoting relaxation for building users.

Our living wall maintenance option takes care of irrigation, feeding, and pest control checks on your living wall, so that you can simply enjoy its beauty and wellbeing benefits.

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