Smart Gardens Promote Health & Wellbeing

Growing Walls offers an innovative and decorative solution that promotes health and wellbeing in home, workplace and social environments.

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Enriching The Environment

Our beautiful, all-natural living walls are designed to beautify and maximise your space.

Showcasing lush plants and accent lighting, our low maintenance vertical gardens enhance the aesthetics and acoustics of interior environments, enriching the space for its users.

In urban environments where green space is limited, Growing Walls instantly
reconnect you with nature.

Plant Displays

Cleanses The AIr

Fresh and healthy plants purify the air by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen back into the atmosphere.

Reduces Energy Costs

Low maintenance vertical gardens improve the thermal performance of buildings, making them more energy efficient.

Improve Wellbeing

Being surrounded by a living organism has a beneficial impact on human health and wellbeing.

Reduces Outside Noise

Our living walls provide an extra layer of insulation, minimising sounds and reducing outside noise.

Demonstrate Sustainability

Gorgeous greenery offers many sustainable advantages, including air quality improvement, noise reduction and insulation.

Promotes Learning

Connecting to nature offers restorative benefits, and helps to promote concentration and focus for improved learning.

Professional Service

Inside Or Outside


Worry Free Installation & Maintenance

Designed & Fitted For Your Space

On design experts are on hand to help you create a living wall that is perfect for your environment. You can explore ideas that customise a bespoke vertical garden. Or opt for a ready made design that beautifully fits your space.

Pre-Install Advice & Consultation

We visit your site to assess your space and to provide pre-installation advice. We can also help you decide which plants to feature on your living wall.

Maintenance & Ongoing Support

Our Growing Walls feature innovative irrigation systems that make them low maintenance. We can however maintain your vertical garden for you, if you prefer.

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A Focal Point That Relaxes The Mind

Stunning living wall scenery of lush greenery has the ability to relax the mind and minimise stress.

Automatic irrigation means that you can enjoy the visual and sensory benefits of your vertical garden, without having to worry about watering it.

Pick your favourite plant displays and create a one-of-a-kind display.

Adding atmospheric lighting allows you to easily alter the mood in the room.

Want less worry and more enjoyment? Check out our living wall maintenance option.

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