Herb Gardens

Create living wall Herb Gardens that produce beautiful, aromatic, and delicious edible plants.

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Herb Gardens

Create living wall Herb Gardens that produce beautiful, aromatic, and delicious edible plants.

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Indoor Herb Gardens

Being able to easily access a variety of fresh herbs, whenever a recipe includes them, is a top priority for keen cooks.

Aromatic & Delicious

Super versatile herbs that are aromatic and delicious can be used for flavouring food, and making perfume or medicinal remedies.

Upgrade Your Kitchen Aromatic Herbs

Many people choose to grow herbs in a vertical garden. If you have a limited amount of outdoor space, you can bring Our Living Worlds indoors and harvest your fresh herbs straight from the kitchen.

In a commercial kitchen, edible Herb Gardens can provide the freshest, ready-to-pick produce on the menu.

Be Inspired By These Vertical Gardens

The Freshest Herbs

The freshest, most cost-effective and low maintenance plants for living wall Herb Gardens are mint, rosemary, thyme, oregano, chives, basil, parsley and tarragon.

Huge Choice Of Herbs

Herb Gardens boast unique aesthetic qualities, as each variety of fresh herbs has something different to bring to the table, in terms of shape, form, colour, and aroma.

Tailored Designs

All Growing Walls are designed to create a focal feature in your space, whether you go bespoke or choose a ready made vertical garden for your herbs.

Intense Aroma

Air-purifying, smell good herbs, such as mint, chamomile, basil, sage, oregano, rosemary and lavender release their heady scent long before they’re ready to consume.

Interchangeable Plants

As the herbs grow and mature you can pick what you need from your living wall. Interchangeable plants can easily fill the gaps of harvested herbs.

Easy To Maintain

Our low maintenance Herb Gardens are easy on the up-keep. But if you’re too busy, check out our stress-free maintenance option to keep your kitchen stocked.

Growth Promoting Ambient Lighting

For herbs to flourish, they need water and growth promoting light. Give them a helping hand with additional ambient lighting that is automatically timed.

Crop Enhancing Irrigation System

Our innovative irrigation systems ensure that crops harvested from Herb Gardens are fresh and healthy.

Ready Made Herb Gardens

If the choice of fresh herbs to grow in your vertical garden is overwhelming, we can create the perfect Herb Garden for your space and culinary needs.

Choose your preferred ready made garden size, and we will do the rest.

Growing Walls Can Create Your Perfect Herb Garden

Growing Walls provide an excellent alternative to growing herbs in pots on the kitchen windowsill. Our innovative living walls allow you to grow all of your favourite herbs in a minimal space.

Cooks’ Herb Gardens are filled with an intoxicating fragrance and lush, fresh plants. Pick your favourite herbs, and we’ll create a vertical garden that is worthy of any chef.

Plant Choices

If you need some planting inspiration for Tropical Wall Gardens, take a look at our Gallery.

Our Gallery

Available Herbs

Multi Purpose Gardening

Change your herbs if you fancy a different culinary experience. You can rotate your herb garden to suit any taste, whether it be Italian, Indian, or even South American cuisines.

Choose your favourite plants displays, or select a combination of herbaceous plants that complement each other.

To transform your functional herb living wall into a piece of modern art, embellish with decorative lighting in your chosen colour.

With automatic irrigation you’ll never forget to water your herbs again so they keep on flourishing.

Want a Growing Wall, but too busy to look after it? Check out our living wall maintenance option.