Smart Vertical Gardens Helping Productivity

Incorporating elements of nature into the workplace can help to reduce stress, improve wellbeing, and increase productivity.

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The Visual Beauty Of Nature Helps Brighten Your Space

Lush living walls that showcase an abundance of beautiful fresh plants significantly boost the wellbeing and happiness of building users.

Brightening up your work space with nature instantly creates a hospitable environment to work in and visit.

Studies also show that sustainable green façades can increase a commercial building’s property value.

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Living Focal Point

A living wall brings natural environment elements into your work space – enhancing connection, concentration, and creativity.

On Site Consultation

During on site visits, our experts will assess your space and help you choose the best options for your sustainable green façade.

Create Your Look

We’ll create a ‘wow factor’ natural environment for your work space that showcases your pick of the plants from a large selection.

Improve Air Quality

Growing Walls absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, improving air quality and making your space more inviting.

Made To Measure

Creating a hospitable environment to work in is quick and easy, with our professionally installed, made to measure living walls.

Lighting Options

Our lighting systems are highly efficient in optimising light source for plant growth stimulation, work focus, and wellbeing benefits.

Professional Service

Maintainance Options


Rejuvenating Your Working Environment

Designed & Fitted For You

Indoor vertical gardens can establish the boundaries and privacy of a work environment, open up or divide areas, and also create a sensory refuge where building users can relax while taking a break.

Full Consultation

A full consultation gives you an opportunity to explore unlimited creative possibilities for rejuvenating your working environment.

Professional Installations

Our professional installation service takes care of everything. We will install your living wall and irrigation and lighting systems, and can maintain it for you too.

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Beautiful, Simple & Captivating

Our space-saving and low-maintenance living walls create an environment that is a pleasure to work in. Our stunning vertical gardens are fully customisable and can be specially adapted to suit your specific design needs. A display of your favourite plants creates captivating scenery, while making air quality clearer and reducing noise pollution.

Our innovative irrigation systems allow building users to enjoy the beauty and wellbeing benefits of fresh plants, without the hassle of having to remember to water them.

Take your pick of lush plant displays for your indoor vertical garden.

Atmospheric lighting that emulates the setting sun creates a relaxing environment, and is perfect for reception and community workplace areas.

If you have concerns about upkeep, check out our living wall maintenance option.

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