Convenient Irrigation Vertical Wall Gardens

Growing Walls irrigation systems allow you to install a living wall easily, conveniently, and while conserving water too.

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Recircling Irrigation

For Healthy Plants

Our living wall systems have innovative solutions, when it comes to watering plants. We’ll choose the best irrigation option for you, depending on the type of installation and plants chosen.

Some of our irrigation systems feature a hidden water tank and a ‘capillary wick’ to ensure perfect saturation. Our drip irrigation system is an eco-friendly water saving option. We also use felt pocket linking wall systems that evenly distribute water.

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Easy Irrigation

All of our irrigation options are fitted with adequate drainage, for carefree collection and disposal of any residue water.

Digital Timer

A digital timer takes care of your watering schedule, leaving you free to do the things you do, and to enjoy your living wall.

Even Watering

Our innovative irrigation systems ensure that all of your plants receive the correct amount of water that they need for healthy growth.

Plumbed In

Our living wall irrigation options water plants from the mains. Easily water green walls regularly, even while on holiday!

Adds Nutrients

Irrigating your living wall with plant food helps your real plants get the nutrients they need to mature and maintain freshness.

Drip Irrigation

Automatic drip systems set your watering schedule so that plants get watered regularly and frequently.

Easy Maintenance

Custom Designs


Creating A Biophilic Environment

Growing Walls Setup

When you order a Growing Walls with irrigation your system will be installed by certified plumbers, when we fit your living wall.

Advice & Aftercare

We’ll show you how to control irrigation timers, turn the water supply on and off, and set your watering schedule. Your plant choices, wall position and the season will influence watering frequency. You’ll also learn how to flush liquid
plant food around your system for easy feeding.

It’s Enjoyable

Once your living wall is installed, you’ll be equipped to water it easily and automatically. Not having an extra job on the to-do list makes vertical gardening a pleasure.

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Beautiful Real Plants

Plants can only thrive in their optimal environment. This means that you need to consider how much light and shade your real plants will receive in your vertical garden.

Exotic tropical plants are used to a humid climate, but can be sustained well in indoor living walls.

Herbs that mature quickly – like mint, basil, chives and parsley – need low/partial light to grow. Sage, thyme and cilantro love to worship the sun.

Succulents grow best with a little water and part sun. Hardy perennials are adaptive and perform well throughout the seasons.

Ferns thrive in contained spaces that are partially shady. Humid resistant grasses are great for coverage, and grow nicely with other plants.

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