Ambient Living Wall Programmable Lighting

Our decorative green wall lighting is available in a range of atmospheric colours that are designed to display your plants in all of their glory.

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Smart Planter Lighting

LEDs provide a full spectrum of colour that mimics natural light. For optimum plant health, your vertical planter Eco Lighting should feature red, blue and green grow lights.

Our smart vertical planters feature a water and oxygen circulating system, with adjustable lighting and automatic timer.

Advancements in technology offer highly efficient ways to provide an Eco Lighting source for your living wall. Our smart lighting systems also allow you to control the colour accent, mood, and ambience of your interior or external space.

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Atmospheric Glow

Eco Lighting is perfect for casting an atmospheric glow over healthy and thriving plants. It also adds a touch of sparkle.

Suits All Decors

To ensure the proper intensity for plant growth, it’s crucial to select the correct Eco Lighting for your living wall. Supplemental lighting ensures that plants suits all décor.

Smart Lighting

Integrated LED grow lights safeguard plant growth. They provide optimal light wavelengths to encourage your favourite plants to bloom.

LED Lighting

LED lighting is highly efficient. It’s available in a range of shapes and colours, and is suitable for plant growth.

Maintenance Free

A digital timer offers a reliable, and cost-effective way to control the Eco Lighting of your living wall. Your plants should ideally get 12-16 hours of light per day.

Philips Branded

Plants require proper light nutrition to thrive. We use Philips branded LED horticultural lighting to give your plants a healthy boost.

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Bespoke Design


Highlighting Your

Growing Wall

High Quality Components

It’s important to select the best lighting for your vertical planters. Some light bulbs produce too much red and infrared light, which doesn’t benefit your plants. Our lighting is designed to highlight your living wall, while boosting plant health and growth.

16.7 Million Colours

With 16.7 million colours to choose from, you have unlimited accent lighting options for your plants. To fully enjoy the beauty of your vertical garden, opt for a balanced warm daylight colour that is 4000K.

A Healthy Glow

Warmer colours of Eco Lighting recreate a summer glow that encourages flowering plants to fully bloom. Light that has a bluer tint is beneficial in helping plants grow foliage.

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A Real Showstopper

Growing Walls Eco Lighting is designed to work in harmony with nature. Our flexible, modular vertical garden systems allow you to create a stunning focal feature on indoor walls and outdoor spaces.

Our automatic irrigation system replicates rainfall, with excess water draining away at the base of the vertical planter. Because it’s timed, you don’t have to remember to water the plants.

There are no limits to the choice of plants that you can choose from to feature in your plant displays.

Our ready made, pre built gardens make creating a unique and beautiful living wall an enjoyable experience.

If low maintenance is a high priority, check out our living wall maintenance option.

Irrigation System