Vertical Garden Maintenance

Keep your indoor living wall lush with our maintenance option. We’ll prune, water and re-plant, so that it remains as fresh as the day it was planted.

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Maintaining Your

Living Walls

Living walls offer a perfect creative solution for plant growing in a limited space. You can tend to your vertical garden yourself, or we can look after it for you.

As a living organism, your vertical garden may require some weeding, pruning, and general checking for leaf damage and disease.

Choosing the right plants for your indoor or outdoor space can help to minimise the amount of input that is required to maintain a healthy living wall.

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Garden Maintenance

Plants growing in vertical planters require the same amount of pruning as those grown in the ground. We will keep your plants fresh and healthy.

On Site Visits

During our on site visits we will perform a thorough check of your plant displays, and your irrigation and lighting systems.

Knowledgeable Team

Our team of experts is readily available to assist you in maintaining your indoor or outdoor plants. They can answer all of your plant maintenance questions.

Professional Advice

We offer professional advice to help you overcome common challenges that are associated with designing and maintaining living walls and gardens.

Structural Assessments

Our project team will visit you to perform a structural assessment, prior to installing your planters.

Extensions & Repairs

To function properly, living walls need general maintenance. A periodic inspection of the irrigation system can ensure that everything is working as it should.

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Our Mission


Making Light Work Of Vertical Gardens

Design & Installation

Our Project Development team will help you create your perfect living wall, from start to finish. We will assess your space and help you choose the correct plants for your vertical garden. We can customise your lighting and water systems too.

On Site Repairs

Should your living wall require any on site repairs, our experts are on hand to ensure that the restoration work is carried out efficiently, with minimal water waste.

Interchangeable Plants

Failed plants can be replaced with interchangeable fresh plants that beautifully integrate with your vertical garden display.

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Perfect Inside Or Out

Vertical gardens are perfect for indoors or outdoors, and can effortlessly create a statement feature by covering an entire wall with greenery.

With automatic irrigation, you’ll never forget when your plants need watering, or how much liquid food nutrition to feed them.

Choosing the right plant display helps control the amount of input that your living wall needs to maintain its lushness.

Lighting your living wall transforms its appearance, and creates an enchanting display.

There’s no need to worry if you’re too busy to look after your Growing Wall. Check out our living wall maintenance option, and let us take care of everything for you.

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