Growing Walls Gallery

Living walls can be designed to fit in any space, and will add a modern touch to any environment.

Our Growing Walls

Our Growing Walls offer you a brilliant opportunity to start gardening in small spaces – making smart use of your walls.

Check out these creative ideas for Growing Walls.

For Any Space

Growing Walls make intelligent use of your spaces – with a mission to bring natural beauty and wellbeing benefits into the places you love the most. 

Your Work Space

In the workplace, beautiful and space-saving Growing Walls allow you to create environments that benefit efficiency, productivity, creativity and wellbeing. 

For Your Home

Our living walls create an immersive space and transform your home into a relaxing retreat. We can work with you to create a bespoke Growing Wall that’s tailored to your space. We also offer a range of ready made vertical gardens.

Large Public Displays

In the public domain, our stunning Growing Walls will get your brand, business or message noticed. Our sustainably green façades are fully customisable.

Healthy Environment

Interior and exterior environments are easily rejuvenated, with a living wall that offers an abundance of health and wellbeing benefits.