Outdoor Vertical Gardens

External green walls have potential to transform urban spaces. Bringing nature’s beauty and benefits closer to you!

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Exterior Vertical Gardens

Whether you want to create an immersive space, protect exterior walls from the elements, or to define an area that is size compromised, Growing Walls Outdoor Vertical Gardens reconnect you to nature, and offer an excellent and inspired solution. They also provide a great way to refresh your outdoor environment, and to create something truly extraordinary.

Our space-saving, low-maintenance, and one-of-a-kind Outdoor Vertical Gardens… 

• Create welcoming environments
• Transform the appearance of outdoor spaces and buildings
• Improve the thermal performance of buildings
• Help to make air quality clearer
• Reduce noise pollution
• Boost the wellbeing, creativity and productivity of building users
• Create an instant ‘wow factor’ façade for your building

Bespoke Exterior Vertical Gardens

Exterior Vertical Gardens are fully customisable, allowing you to transform your outdoor space into a welcoming environment that is beautiful, alive, and connected to nature.

Our Bespoke Exterior Walls are harmonious and dynamic. The lush Exterior Vertical Gardens make creative use of bare and unattractive outdoor walls, and provide opportunities to enjoy the benefits of nature, regardless of where your building is located.

With a stunning range of outdoor plants, you can create a customised tropical paradise or secret garden space that is stunning and easy to maintain. If you need help choosing hardwearing evergreens that last all year round, our experienced team will help you define your design preferences, and to select the right plants for your Bespoke Exterior Vertical Garden.

Choose from an array of lush ferns, bromeliads, vine species, grasses, and herbs, to display on your vertical external living walls.

For more information on our bespoke vertical gardens, visit our design services page.

Fully Customisable Modular Design

Our exterior living wall systems are fully customisable and can be designed to any shape or size. The Growing Walls team builds vertical gardens using materials that are adaptable and modular, meaning any space can be transformed into a spectacular living wall.

Helping To Lower Your Carbon Footprint

External Living Walls can help a building become carbon neutral. In an urban area, living walls absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen, improving local air quality and making your space more welcoming.

Maintaining Your Outdoor Vertical Gardens

For easy maintenance of your evergreen External Living Walls, our experienced team provides, irrigation checks and adjustments, feeding and soil saturation, pest control and replacement of failed plants. We also use innovative felt pocket system technology.

Maintenance Options

Protects Buildings

External Living Walls provide protection to the building façade. The damp proof membrane offers an additional level of protection for your walls.

Noise Reducing

Vertical gardens are highly effective in reducing noise pollution caused by interior neighbours and external traffic.

Enhances Appearance

Vertical gardens enhance the exterior of your building – blending with nature, creating a contrasting ‘wow factor’ botanical display.

Non Intrusive Installation

Growing Walls installation is non-intrusive. We do not leave your environment looking like a building site.

Insulation & Cooling

The insulation and cooling provided by External Living Walls helps buildings to become more energy efficient.

Turns Heads

Growing Walls design Lush Exterior Living Walls that can’t help but turn heads and attract interest, in any urban location.
Bespoke Gardens

The Benefits Of Outside Living Walls

There are many essential integrated benefits of innovative, space-saving Outside Living Walls. A well-maintained vertical living wall allows you to:

• Enjoy lush green landscapes in any area
• Create show-stopping natural walls
• Transform urban areas into an oasis
• Reduce urban temperatures and save energy
• Support local biodiversity
• Make a fantastic talking point

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