External Living Walls Help Support The Environment

In public spaces, external Growing Walls support the environment by reconnecting people with nature, and promoting biodiversity.

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Large Scale Living Walls Fascinate The Public

Our large scale living walls are designed to create maximum visual impact, wherever displayed. Their lush, verdant cascade of stunning plants can’t help but turn heads.

Our Growing Walls are living organisms that help to purify the air, reduce and regulate ambient temperature, and promote biodiversity.

When displayed in public environments, our sustainably green façades increase feelings of wellbeing, making people feel connected and happier.

External Living Walls

Picque Interest

Vertical gardens and displays increase awareness and help the public take a closer interest in their environment and community.

Attract Passing Customers

Living walls generate a positive response from the passing public, and encourage customers to spend more time in their vicinity.

Increase Biodiversity

Our vertical gardens attract wildlife to urban areas – providing food, shelter and nesting places for birds and insects.

Commit To Sustainability

The appearance on our vertical gardens makes a strong statement of commitment to the environment.

Thermal Benefits

Plants absorb and reflect sunlight, helping to create a cooler and more pleasant climate and social environment in your local area.

Attenuate Rainwater

External Growing Walls attenuates rainwater so it can be stored and gradually filtered back into the atmosphere in a controlled manner.

Professional Service

Maintainance Options


Utilise Growing Walls For Maximum Impact

Designed & Fitted By Our Team

Make a statement with a spectacular customisable Growing Wall. We will help bring your creative horticultural ideas to life, and will also fit your external living wall. If space is limited, we offer vertical gardens in three ready made sizes.

Health, Safety & Planning Aware

Before installation of your external vertical garden, our Project Development team will check that health, safety and planning is in order. To keep your living wall flourishing in a public space, we suggest regular maintenance checks.

Ongoing Maintenance Options

Once installed, our experienced team can perform on-going irrigation and lighting system checks, feeding and soil saturation, and pest control. If your living wall has any failed plants, we will replace them with healthy new ones.

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Living Walls In A Modern World

In our fast-paced modern world, living walls invite you to pause and smell the roses. Our fully customisable Growing Walls can create green, healing environments for the public, and encourage people to come together to reconnect with nature.

Our built in irrigation systems are automatic, and can be pre set to water and feed your plants without the need of human intervention.

For a ‘wow factor’ display, choose lush plant displays that blend or contrast with the public environment.

To make your large scale living wall truly extraordinary, add ambient atmospheric lighting in your chosen colour.

If low maintenance is a top priority, check out our worry free maintenance option.

Plant Displays