Our Purpose

A lifelong love of the Great Outdoors led our founder to create Growing Walls. We aim to bring nature’s beauty into the homes of people like you.

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Our Founder

Our founder, Viktorija, grew up in the rolling hills and lush forests of Lithuania. Picking her own berries and eating seeds straight from sunflowers, gave her a lifelong love of the Great Outdoors. 

As an adult, she brought this love of nature with her to the UK. But when lockdown struck, we were all trapped indoors. Away from the joy and restoration that nature brings.

Bring The Outside In

So, Viktorija brought the outside in. With her eye for detail and love of plants, she built the first ever Growing Wall in her home in Brighton. It was a sight for sore eyes!

With stunning plants, decorative lighting and timed irrigation, her new creation drew attention. And soon people were asking for one of their own. 

Thus Growing Walls was born. With a mission to bring nature’s beauty and benefits into the homes of people like you.

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