Ceiling & Roof Gardens

Growing Walls offers the perfect design, installation & maintenance solutions for Roof Gardens.

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Modernise Your Space Hanging Roof Gardens

If you love to garden but your space is limited, Ceiling & Roof Gardens open up infinite possibilities of creating a beautiful and natural, lush green landscape that benefits you, your building, your community, and the environment.

Decorative & Cleansing Ceiling Gardens

Ceiling & Roof Gardens offer a unique way to incorporate your favourite foliage with feature lighting, in a stunning suspended, optical illusion display.

Your favourite plants will purify the air, provide shade, and minimise noise and pollution, creating an atmospheric and decorative environment in the process.

Totally Transform Your Living Space

Growing Walls takes plantscaping to another level by extending your living space upwards.

Self Watering & Virtually Maintenance Free

Our fully customisable modular design allows you to enjoy the beauty of nature with low maintenance. We use self-watering systems, and full Sedum seeded eco green roof panels that are lightweight, low growing, and easy to maintain.

The Benefits Of Roof Gardens

Roof Gardens have a beneficial impact on the environment, and on the health and wellbeing of building users. They can also increase a roof’s lifespan by up to 3 times.


Purifies The Air

The natural photosynthesis of plants absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen, and has a positive impact on the reduction of air pollution.

Provides Shade

As plants evaporate water, they cool the exterior of buildings, providing shade and reducing the surrounding temperature.

Automatic Watering

With our built in irrigation system you can easily water all of you plants on your Growing Walls on automatic.

Heat Insulation

The insulation provided by Roof Gardens boost energy efficiency, and reduces your building’s heating cost by an average of around 4%.


The capturing and harvesting of rainwater, reduces storm water run off and discharge allowing for sustainable drainage.

Minimises Noise

Increased acoustic and thermal insulation minimises ambient noise by neutralising low-frequency sounds and blocking high frequencies.
Bespoke Gardens

Surround Yourself With Nature

Growing Walls Roof Gardens allow you to reconnect with nature from the comfort of your own environment.

• The three basic types of Roof Gardens – extensive, semi-intensive and intensive – each offer unique benefits.
• Roof Gardens attract birds, butterflies and insects, and help to boost biodiversity within your community.
• The architectural enhancement helps with temperature control, and also offers temporary habitats for wildlife, such as migrating species.
• The high moisture content of plants creates a natural fire-resistant layer of protection on your building.
• Plants also help to moderate temperature, by acting as natural filters for water that runs off the building.
• Being closer to nature is proven to be beneficial in reducing stress and boosting wellbeing.

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Ready Made Indoor Growing Walls

Our Ready Made Gardens are the perfect solution to hang on your walls in areas of limited space, or if you simply want an off the shelf growing wall system so you can get started today.

Transformative Outdoor Living Walls

Give your outside space the ‘wow factor’ by letting us custom design a bespoke external living wall system for your property.