Succulents & Perennials

Hardy and low maintenance succulents and perennials are the ideal plants to showcase on a living wall.

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Succulents & Perennials

Hardy and low maintenance succulents and perennials are the ideal plants to showcase on a living wall.

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Perennial Living Walls

Adaptive and hardy perennial plants make an excellent addition to your sustainable green façade. With so many wonderful long-living plants available, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Colourful Succulents

Beautiful succulents are available in a stunning spectrum of colours, and alter their shade depending on sun, water and temperature. They’re the perfect low maintenance plants for experimental gardeners that love to explore creativity.

Create An
Explosion Of Colour

Just because a living wall is sustainably green, it doesn’t have to mean that your plant display has to be monotone. With succulents and perennials you have free reign to create a bold explosion of colour.

Be Inspired By These Vertical Gardens

Hardy Perennials

Choose from herbaceous perennials that re-grow in spring, or evergreens that keep their leaves all year round.

Simple Maintenance

Hardy plants, like succulents and perennials, can stand up to low temperatures, and survive and thrive.

Cleanses The Air

Plants effectively reduce air pollution by cleansing the air of negative toxins. They also help to boost the mood and wellbeing of building users.

Beautiful Succulents

Mixing up an array of colourful succulents instantly creates a living wall with ‘wow factor’.

Designed For You

Need inspiration for your living wall? We can help you create a succulent oasis or a perennial paradise.

Lighting Options

Growth boosting LED lighting systems are available in many different forms. We can help you choose the perfect option for your perennials or succulents.

Mood Enhancing Ambient Lighting

All plants need water and light to grow and mature. To aesthetically enhance one of beautiful Our Livings Worlds, simply add mood enhancing ambient lighting – and enjoy.

Growth Intensive Irrigation System

We use different types of growth intensive irrigation. We’ll choose the best one, depending on the type of installation and the plant you have picked.

Ready Made Vertical Gardens

Easy to maintain, our innovative and ready made green wall solutions are designed to showcase your favourite plants, while utilising the most advanced fabrication and growing systems.

Use Our Living Worlds ready made vertical gardens as a template to express your gardening prowess.

Choose your favourite exotic houseplants, and we’ll take care of everything else.

Let Us Design Your Colourful Living Wall

If you’re not sure how to bring your ideas to life, our bespoke service can help you. Our team of experts will design the perfect one-of-a-kind living wall for you.

With so many colourful plants to choose from – in the succulent and perennials varieties – why not create a plant themed vertical garden that features your favourites?

Plant Choices

Stuck on ideas for your living wall? Check out our Gallery for creative inspiration.

Our Gallery

Succulents & Perennials

Reconnect With Nature

Installing one of Our Living Worlds vertical gardens is a great way to reconnect with nature, whether you have a small, medium or large space available.

Plants are great for adding colour to your interior or exterior space. Pick your favourite plants in mix-n-match shades, or clashing colours for maximum impact.

Ambient mood lighting takes your vertical garden display to the next level. We can help you choose the best complementary colour for your botanical creation.

When your irrigation is set to automatic you don’t have to even think about watering your plants, whether you’re at home or on holiday!

Our full maintenance service is always an option, if you don’t have the time to care and maintain your succulent or perennials vertical garden.