Tropical Wall Gardens

Colourful and exotic, Tropical Wall Gardens bring a taste of the tropics to your space.

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Tropical Living Walls

Tropical plants produce more oxygen than regular houseplants, filtering out toxins in the process. This makes them a valuable asset for living walls in interior spaces.

A blanket of bold, leafy greens and striking varietals, studded with vibrant flowers, creates a stunning floral display for vertical gardening.

Adding Eye Popping Colour To Your Interior

Create an oasis by adding tropical plants to your vertical garden. The pop of colour gives your space an instant makeover, and also elevates the mood in the room.

Grow Tropical Plants With Ease

It’s important that your living wall is situated in the right environment for a particular variety of plants. As tropical plants thrive in sunshine and humidity, your living wall needs to be positioned in a prime spot.

For your tropical plants to be healthy and happy, they require a little extra TLC. Regular irrigation and feeding is beneficial to their growth.

Be Inspired By These Vertical Gardens

Tropical Plants

Express your personality and creativity with lush tropical plants that showcase colour vibrancy at its best.

Large Choice Of Plants

To maintain bloom consistency, select tropical plants that are suitable for either shady interiors, or for showing off outdoors.

Bespoke Designs

Create visually dramatic overflowing floral displays, or complement your interior décor with a streamlined tropical arrangement for your vertical garden.

Easy To Maintain

With a little know-how Tropical Wall Gardens become easy to maintain. We’ll teach you the tricks of the trade.

Environmentally Friendly

All Growing Walls plant containers and wall display units are made from 100% recycled plastic that benefits the environment.


We only use compost that is 100% peat-free and eco-friendly. It’s selected with the correct nutrient mix, to ensure that Tropical Wall Gardens thrive.

Fully Programmable Ambient Lighting

Want to take your spectacular tropical living wall display to new heights? Just add fully programmable ambient lighting, in your preferred colour, for indirect sparkle.

Fully Integrated Irrigation System

Our Living Worlds vertical gardens feature fully integrated irrigation systems. With no need to remember to water your plants, you can relax and enjoy the amazing scenery.

Ready Made Tropical Gardens

Tropical Wall Gardens are easy to design, install, and maintain. Our ready made living wall options simplify the process for you.

Choose your favourite exotic houseplants, and we’ll take care of everything else.

Let Us Design Your Bespoke Tropical Living Wall

If you love to get creative, and know exactly what you want from a tropical jungle plant display, we can help to bring your ideas into reality.

Tropical plants offer a wide range of beautiful organic forms to add lushness to your space. Choose fiicus, dracaena, philodendron, Areca palm, peace lily, and other plants boasting unusual leaves and flowers, to make a statement.

Any Questions?

If you need some planting inspiration for Tropical Wall Gardens, take a look at our example planter Gallery. Our wall planters are incredibly versatile and can fit in with any decor style from modern to traditional.

Our Gallery

Tropical Plants

Customise Your Tropical Paradise

Take yourself to the tropics every day with a Growing Walls Vertical Garden. You can customise your Growing Wall to the exact size, shape, and style to match your decor.

Maidenhair ferns, monkey masks and peace lilies… pick your favourite houseplants for your living wall.

For a touch of sparkle, why not add decorative lighting in your chosen colour to your Growing Wall?

Automatic irrigation means you’ll never forget to water your plants again. Even when on holiday!

Want a Growing Wall, but too busy to look after it? Check out our living wall maintenance option.